TreatiseWe are excited to report that in late December Thomson Reuters released the fourth edition of the multi-volume treatise Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts.  As in the first three editions, we contributed the chapter on punitive damages—Chapter 48 in the new edition.

The punitive damages chapter, which spans 154 pages, provides strategic insights bearing on every phase of a punitive damages case—from the complaint through appellate review. It also contains comprehensive summaries of all of the Supreme Court’s punitive damages decisions, as well as decades of lower court decisions applying them.  Along the way, it highlights some of the key arguments and issues that may escape the notice of lawyers who do not regularly confront punitive damages litigation.

For those who do not wish to purchase the entire 15-volume treatise, the punitive damages chapter can be accessed on Westlaw under Secondary Sources > Commercial Law Secondary Sources > Commercial Law Texts & Treatises > Business and Commercial Litigation In Federal Courts – Chapter 48. We hope that those who consult it find it to be useful.