TreatiseWe are excited to report that in late December Thomson Reuters released the fourth edition of the multi-volume treatise Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts.  As in the first three editions, we contributed the chapter on punitive damages—Chapter 48 in the new edition.

The punitive damages chapter, which spans 154 pages, provides strategic

I was excited to receive in the mail yesterday a complimentary copy of the tenth edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, which is edited by Bryan Garner, an acquaintance of many years with whom I have long enjoyed discussing the craft of legal writing.

Garner bobbleheadThere is something about Black’s that brings me back to the early days of law school when virtually every legal term I encountered in the cases we read for class was mysterious.  Back then, I was using the fifth edition, which I still keep on my shelf for handy reference.  Now, I am pleased to bookend it with the tenth edition.

Like prior versions edited by Bryan, the tenth edition is low on jargon and uses more modern language to describe even hoary doctrines.

What does any of this have to do with punitive damages?  Not much, except that a comparison of the definitions of punitive damages from the two editions—published 35 years apart—is illuminating.Continue Reading Bryan Garner Releases New Edition Of Black’s Law Dictionary